Photo Booth Corporate Events

Photo Booth Corporate Events

Every corporate event is an opportunity to create lasting memories and capture special moments. Photo booths provide a fun and unique way to do just that! With the use of props, backdrops, and customizable settings, your guests can let loose and have some fun. Not only will they get hilarious photos that they can take home with them, but it also serves as a great icebreaker between guests. A photo booth rental for your next corporate event is sure to make it a memorable one!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate photo booths can be branded using custom backdrops, props, and frames that feature a company logo or message.
Corporate photo booths create interactive experiences for guests which allow them to take photos that feature promotional materials from the company, increasing brand exposure and recognition.
Features such as backdrops, props, frames, and digital filters can all be customized on a corporate photo booth to reflect your brand’s colors, designs, and messaging.
The cost of renting a corporate photo booth will depend on factors such as size of the event and type of features requested but typically ranges from $500-$2000 for most events.
Typically the rental provider is responsible for setting up and operating the corporate photo booth at an event; however some providers may offer additional services such as assistance with branding customization or staffing personnel for extra fees.